Global Design

At the Ecole Bleue, product design, interior design and visual communications design are all taught with equal importance. The objective being to enable our graduates to enter the most important design agencies, where a multidisciplinary approach is essential. Global Design is a creative process which allows a business to adopt a coherent and transversal concept to achieve coordinated communication objectives for its brand through its identity, its products, its packaging, its interior design and retail spaces. It is a conceptual thinking which by the diversity of its approaches and tools, increases the visibility of a brand, a service, a business.

The notion of Global Design at the Ecole Bleue, gains considerably in importance in Years 3 and 4. The assignmenst propsed create the link between the three major disciplines : Product Design, Visual Communications Design, Interior Design

  • Interior Design
  • Visual Communications
  • Product Design


Transversal design skills

Interior design, product design and graphic design are complimentary and inseperable skills, hence the importance of these.

Interior designer

The interior design professional, whilst taking into account the clients objectives, the budget, the site constraints and the legal obligations, plays with the volumes, the colours, the materials and the lighting of a space…

His space and volume work includes every detail, a rational and poetic reflection, searching to create operational, comfortable and subtle places

Product designer

The product designer is the creator of objects, furniture, lighting… which participate by their functionality, their poetry, their pertinence, their aesthetic, in creating our living and working spaces. The product designer imagines the objects that surround us, considering their functions, materials, their fabrication, their costs…

The graphic designer

The visual communications specialist imagines and creates logotypes, brands, packaging and signage… Innumerable communications supports and identity symbols that require a capacity for analysis, a rich imagination, a technical dexterity and a eye for detail.



The Fundamentals
Years 1 and 2

  • Year 1 | Acquisition | 60 crédits ECTS
    Development of plastic and graphic skills.
    Learning of methodologies
    27h00 +/- of classes per week *

  • Year 2 | Assimilation | 60 crédits ECTS
    Acquisition and development of the artistic and technical fundamentals and the cultural references.
    26h00 +/- of classes per week *

Year 3 (Degree level), Years 4 and 5 (Masters level)

  • Year 3 | Experimentation | 60 crédits ECTS
    Conceptualise and communicate about interior design, visual communication design and product design projects, affirmation of the complementarity of the three disciplines, development of representational skills and techniques.
    28h00 +/- of classes per week* End of year examination *
    End of year examination

  • Year 4 | Conceptualisation | 60 crédits ECTS
    Conceptualise and communicate about interior design, visual communication design and product design projects, affirmation of the complementarity of the three disciplines, development of representational skills and techniques.
    23h00 +/- of classes per week *

  • Year 5 | Diploma | 60 crédits ECTS
    Redaction and presentation of a thesis and a major degree project in interior design, visual communication design and product design, in front of a jury of design professionals.

* For pedagogic reasons, the number of hours of classes is subject to modification.

The Design Program is a 5 year program, following a one year Foundation course or a MANAA applied arts initiation course.

The program leads to obtaining the title of Interior designer/ designer DDLM/ Ecole Bleue NSF 230n - level 1. (Fr). 7 (Eu). Registered at the National Registry of Professional Certification by the order of 5 April 2012, published in the official journal 14 April 2012


Approximately 20% of classes are taught in English

  • Interior Design
  • Product Design
  • Visual Communications
  • Culture
  • Couleur & materials
  • Drawing
  • Perspective drawing
  • Architectural drawing
  • Lighting
  • Design software
  • Prototyping & model making
  • Technical
  • Seminaries
  • Travel


Frais de scolarité : 8000 euros
Frais d'inscription : 500 euros

Prise de rendez-vous au 01 45 89 31 32
Par mail : ou


If you would like to apply for the Foundation course, in anticipation of the public and private schools admission competitions, for the first year or by equivalence, please complete this application form to be contacted by the school.



The Ecole Bleue will be presenting its Foundation Class (atelier préparatoire) as well as its Global Design program and Cultural, Events & Scenography program at numerous salons and fairs. Don’t miss these events, make a note of the dates:

    Saturday 1 décember from 10.00h to 18.00h
    Sunday 2 décember from 10.00h to 18.00h

    Saturday 12 January from 10.00h to 18.00h
    Sunday 13 January from 10.00h to 18.00h

  • Open Days at the Ecole Bleue.
    Friday 29 to Sunday 31 March.